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Monday, December 20, 2010

16 Photos Of Danbo The Cardboard Robot

Danbo is a cardboard character from the manga Yotsuba&! which is very popular on the web.

Several photographers even do a 365 only with this little kawaii sweet characet (for example Randy Santa-Ana and Bunnyrel).

Today the lizard brings you a compilation of great photos of Danbo!

224/365 Die Danbos balancieren / The Danbos balancing by Martin Stein

173/365 Die Danbos am Lagerfeuer / The Danbos at the campfire by Martin Stein

#326/365 Dan Boci Code by Thomas Collins

Danbo's waiting for the sun by Wilfried.b

Castaway by Wilfried.b

RUN...GODZILLA!!! by Chaos2k

Now we can hear the sea... by Violet Kashi

Bungeeeee!!! by mickiky

nobody stops by mr.analog

Surprise! by David DeLaRosa

Danbo exercising by Peter Harris

Distracted by tian chew lim

When you are around,even the rain tasted like sweets... by tian chew lim

Jealousy is all the fun you think they had *explored* by tian chew lim

CupCake Dunk Final - Danbo Vs Trooper by tian chew lim

365/365: And Finally.. by Sheng Han


Third Siting: Arnold Arboretum 1/11 by Carolyn Ann Geason

version française


  1. Thank you very much for posting such a nice selection of Danbo's picture.
    Thanks for choosing one of mine, I am honored :)

  2. My pleisure :)
    If you like it, share it!