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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Accessory guide: tripod, night photographer's best friend

When I left my previous job, my colleagues offered me a great present for which I am still grateful: a tripod.

I was very happy to have it when my dad and my brother had a party for their birthday and I wanted to take a group shot: I could be part of it! By that time, I had no remote controller, and so I had to set a timer... and run! That was fun! You could tell me: "OK, maybe it is better to use a tripod, but for the price, I'd rather put my camera on a chair or on a table". Alright, you could do that, it will just be more difficult to frame. It's up to you. Other situations in which a tripod is very useful include long exposure shots and panorama (you usually need to take a few shots -- or more -- for a panorama, it's much easier if you can just rotate the camera).

Now the price. Tripods start at a very cheap price, that is $20-$30. I said wrote cheap, it goes for the price and for the finitions. Unfortunately, you will probably need to spend $100 to $200 or more for a good product (I warned you photography equipment is expensive!).

At first I was like you: hundred bucks for an object which only purpose is to hold my camera??

I am sure tripod makers could make an effort on the price, but let me give a few keys to explain the price:
  • First, it has to be robust: you don't want your $(1)500 camera to fall because with the lens you used it was too heavy for your tripod. In the same time, you don't want the tripod to be too heavy.
  • Second, your tripod does not simply allow you to take a standard horizontal shot. It can rotate your camera to take photos in the angle you choose, and there is often a bull's eye spirit level to help you choose the angle.
  • Third, a tripod should be practical to transport. So here come the telescopical parts, the little bag, etc.
I hope you understand better now.

This accessory is (almost) indispensable in some cases, just ask yourself if you will encounter these situations.

How not to be frugal. by Roanish

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