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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photoblog: Julien Roumagnac

For the second time, the lizard introduces a photoblog: Julien Roumagnac's, a young french webdesigner who moved to Canada a few years ago. I could write about this land where people are so friendly and landscapes breathtaking, but this is not the place.

When first visiting, what stroke me most is the way Julien can turn a simple scene into a great photo. I am usually difficult to convince with street pictures I must say, but his photos made me change my mind. And they are not all you can find on this photoblog.
The most difficult part, as often was to select a picture to illustrate the article. I ended up with a shot that is in phase with the season.

De l'arrière du Silo n°5 by Julien Roumagnac

version française

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