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Thursday, December 30, 2010

365: Brandon Huang

I have read recently an article on pixiq in which Daniela Bowker explains she is not fond of self-portrait 365 projects. I realized all the 365 I featured on this blog so far do not involve self-portrait on a frequent basis.

By chance I came across Brandon Huang's 365, which does have a lot of self-portraits, and found it pretty good. Actually, I hesitated to write a note about it because I am jealous of his skills, when he is obviously much younger than me...

Here it is anyway, I hope you like it!

Brandon Huang - 365 (2010/2011)

1/365 Hello, 365 by Brandon Huang

14/365 Good Mornin' by Brandon Huang

49/365 Cocoonified by Brandon Huang

58/365 City O' Lights by Brandon Huang

61/365 On With Life by Brandon Huang

72/365 Let There Be Light by Brandon Huang

version française

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