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Thursday, March 17, 2011

365: Abdul Ludbah

People believe 365 projects are often self-centered. From my experience projects composed mainly of self-portraits are not always quality ones, and I have featured very few of them.

Abdul appears on every photo of his second 365 project, but he did not want to take a picture of his face every day. The result is quite interesting, I particularly like pictures of his hands.

Abdul Ludbah - 365

day eighteen | 365 v2: ... Miserable day today. Rained. A lot. Because of the weather conditions people had to leave work early so as not to be caught out ...

Dont really wear ties much to work.

Other than that a fairly ordinary day.

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day eighteen | 365 v2: ... by ©Abdul Ludbah

day twentyTwo | 365 v2: Cappuccino anyone? ... Well, almost ... lets just say I wont be making employee of the month at Costa. Tried to make the Schwuash sound to compensate. The result is what you see before you. I mean seriously, would you drink that?!?!

Liked how this came out (the picture not the Cappuccino). There are some water droplets on the table but as I didnt see them until I began to process and couldnt be bothered to re-shoot.

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day twentyTwo | 365 v2: Cappuccino anyone? ... by ©Abdul Ludbah

day fiftyFour | 365 v2: W ... <b>W - Double U</b>

For some reason couldnt get my thumbs to match up to form a proper w ...

For Gooses <a href="">ABC 365 February 2011</a> 

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day fiftyFour | 365 v2: W ... by ©Abdul Ludbah

day sixtyFive | 365 v2: ... Long day at work but it went quickly. Seems like the last couple of days Ive had to work for my pay!

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day sixtyFive | 365 v2: ... by ©Abdul Ludbah

day sixtySix | 365 v2: ... Couple of things I didnt like about this - the door in the background and ... the door in the background. This was a practice set-up for something else I had in mind but this sort of stuck. Adjusted contrast and brightness in LR.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Convite Para Vida</a>

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day sixtySix | 365 v2: ... by ©Abdul Ludbah

day sixtySeven | 365 v2: ... Playing around with lighting ..

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day sixtySeven | 365 v2: ... by ©Abdul Ludbah

version française

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