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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What you may have missed this week (3)

Le Flâneur, Paris in 2,000 images

If you don't know about stop motion, you will most certainly be impressed by the following video.

Luke Shepard, a student at The American University of Paris took 2,000 photos of the most beautiful city in the world (yeah French people are modest!) to make up this video with music by The XX. This project was featured in the national geographic blog and I found it with the french article on fubiz

Leon hot air balloon festival 2010, Wikimedia commons picture of the day (3/9/11)

Wikimedia commons has a picture of the day thread. I found the picture selected on wednesday was funny!

Les retouches locales : le pinceau on has published an interesting article on the use of the brush in lightroom.

The article is in french, but you can read it through an online translation site like google's.

29 Fantastic Pictures of Forests on photographyblogger

Yet another great selection of photos on photographyblogger by Emily Hildebrand.

The Bamboo Forest Trail If your interested on how I made this HDR image. Check my link below <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>  This short trail inside the Bamboo Forest of Kyoto is abosuletly magical. It is like you are on a different planet.   I waited for a clear shot of the path when there are no people passing by. It is impossible during autumn season.  This was the best I can do. I think I could wait there the whole day and I would sill have people in my pictures.
The Bamboo Forest Trail by ©Agustin Rafael Reyes

version française

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