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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photo contest: Win 3 lens cap clips!

Hello reader, listen up! This blog is about to have its first photo contest! It is a contest of the most beautiful photo which fits the rules and the theme.

No matter your age, your location and your level in photography, you can be a contestant. Let me explain the rules, they are quite simple:
  • All photographs will be considered, no matter the camera it came from. Simple photo manipulation is allowed
  • There is no limitation in the number of photos a contestant can send
  • Please send a little description along with the photo

And the theme is... “My precioussss” !! I let you interpret it as you will.

My precious!!! Oh no, the ring has a mind of its own!  This was kind of an outtake during the shoot. Alice was trying to take off her ring and had this priceless facial expression. The light was setup perfectly and I managed to capture this great moment. This picture showed how easy to work with Alice was. :)  Canon 5D 24-70 1/200 @ F8 ISO100 580EXII + 430EXII shoot through umbrella camera right triggered by Cybersync.
My precious!!! by ©_Tawcan

You can submit your work using the Contact me! form. Jury is composed of me and myself.

The best three photos will be published on this blog, and the photographer of the #1 will receive 3 hüfa lens cap clips!

Submissions are open until April 12th 2011, results will be in on April 19th 2011.


50mm f/1.2 Nikon 50mm f/1.2 AI-S. My Precioussssss....Smeagol wantsz it.
50mm f/1.2 by ©Bob Denhaan

version française

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