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Monday, March 7, 2011

Flickeflu: a flickr explorer

If you are a steady visitor of this blog, you should know I am a fan of Many of the photos shown here come from this site, most of the 365 too.

The main flaw of flickr is that it has become so popular that it is now too flooded, filled with pictures and videos of all quality. Thus it is not always easy to navigate good quality content, even though many efforts have been made, from explore pages to panda.

one seventy two: booyah! Its a 365/SP right of passage...the shot that says "Explore This!" in order to convey how over the magic donkey we really are. This is a copycat of a copycat of a copycat. Its like lipstick on a mirror, getting naked on day two-hundred-something while saying "Im exposing my soul to YOU!" or doing the oh-so-loved hair flip shot.   I can tell you now, I will never get naked on fuhget it.   Seriously, I like it when my shots are in Explore. I love it, actually, because I know people are seeing my work. But, Im confused by the Explore algorithm, and how so many FANTASTIC shots are excluded every day, and so much crap is seen as "interestingness." I know a lot of its random, but still - it doesnt seem entirely fair.   "Well, Anna, life just isnt fair..."   I will never take that as an answer.   Happy Thursday, Flickr. Booyah!
one seventy two: booyah! by ©Anna Gay

A very effective way of filtering the raw flow of data from flickr is to use the site You can browse the explore photos, let the site show you the most recent pictures selected in the explore flickr page as a slideshow, visit a photographer's page, share through a social bookmarking site, visit your own page and your own favourites, etc. It is like a new user interface of flickr! And I must say it has a beautiful dark skin.

Siegestor in Munich at Night What the Champs Elysees and the arc de triumph is for the people in Paris  is the Ludwigstrasse and the victory gate for the people in munich. (Pretty likely it was also copied from Paris). I worked there at this place during my study times and it was all the time nice for me to cross the street exactly at this point day and night ;-)  For the story &amp; technique behind this shot, please visit my blog: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>  !!! creative commons: Feel free to use photos with credits and links. For commercial use, please contact me and we will find an agreement for the permission!!!
Siegestor in Munich at Night by ©Werner Kunz

version française

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