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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheap accessory guide: lens cap clip

Don't you think there is a major practical problem with your dSLR? When you take it out of its bag, you put the strap on, remove the lens cap, turn the camera on and start shooting.
You take your shot, look at the picture (and smile), turn off the camera, put the lens cap back o... wait... where is... not that pocket... not this one... not here... Where in the world is the ^$*@#!* lens cap??
You know what I mean right? Most of the time, after two minutes you remember where you put your lens cap. Hopefully it wasn't in a dusty pocket. Some other times however it fell somewhere and you won't ever find it back. It's not that expensive, but losing it is very annoying and your lens remains unprotected until you get a new one (which you might end up losing too).

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Hüfa definitely got that! They sell what should comes with every camera: a lens cap clip. Attach it on your bag, camera strap, shirt, anywhere you want and don't lose your cap ever again. You get one for $12.95 and three for $33, free shipping in the US. Until camera manufacturers think of a place on your camera where you could clip your cap, this is probably your best option.


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