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Thursday, February 24, 2011

365: Elkana Randrianaivo

I often write about the difficulties of running a 365 project and completing it. Well some photographers want to take the challenge to the next level.

Elkana Randrianaivo is one of them. He does not want to take any picture, he wants to push his boundaries and come up with a new idea every day. So basically he tries and build a photograph from an idea he has on mind, setting a scene and appropriate lighting. I feel this is a real artistic approach. Elkana told me he keeps learning from this project, I believe no matter your level as a photographer a 365 project is a good way to keep evolving.

Elkana Randrianaivo - 365

Petite percée
Petite percée by ©Elkana RANDRIANAIVO

Paper Doll
Paper Doll by ©Elkana RANDRIANAIVO

Bien attaquer sa journée
Bien attaquer sa journée by ©Elkana RANDRIANAIVO

Eventail architectural
Eventail architectural by ©Elkana RANDRIANAIVO

Pailles arc-en-ciel
Pailles arc-en-ciel by ©Elkana RANDRIANAIVO

version française

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