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Thursday, February 17, 2011

365: Photon Thief

It is pure chance if today is the fourth time in a month that I write about iPhone photography. Interesting 365 projects are a rare breed and I certainly don't want to miss one for such a futile reason.

Photon Thief seemed very surprised I was wishing to write about his project. I like this project because there is a real effort to not shoot the same photo twice. It is easier to find your way and stick with it, his way of leading this project is more challenging.

Photon Thief - 365

1/1/11 Happy New Year!
Hipstamatic: Bettie XL Lens, Ina
1/1/11 by ©Jarré Lyman

1/24/11 Hipstamatic: Melodie Lens, Ina
1/24/11 by ©Jarré Lyman

2/7/11 I miss being able to go here.
Camera+ 2: Purple Haze
2/7/11 by ©Jarré Lyman

2/14/11 "To understand is to perceive patterns." –Isaiah Berlin
Hipstamatic: John S Lens, Ina
2/14/11 by ©Jarré Lyman

1/11/11 One. One one. One one.... (Every way, every part, everywhere you look.)
Hipstamatic: Lucifer VI Lens, BlacKeys B+W Film
1/11/11 by ©Jarré Lyman

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