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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photography Blogger

I love photo collections, I have been publishing a few lately, and I know readers love them too.

Sometimes I look for photos related to a topic I have in mind, some other times I am inspired by one or two photos I came accross.

I follow this blog, photography blogger, which publishes a lot of collections, I am a fan. I like the photos, and what I enjoy the most is how the blogger finds interesting and unexpected themes.

Nate Kay started this blog some time ago, archives go from May 22nd 2009, and back then, already, the themes were novel.

Here are a few great and surprising photos selected to appear on this blog, except for the first one which is actually from Nate Kay.

Nate Kay - photography blogger

Top of Germany A view from Zugspitze.
Top of Germany by ©Nate Kay

Fragments by ©Erich Ferdinand

tying the knot
tying the knot by ©psyberartist

Snowy Footprints On The Dock The dock on the Intracoastal Waterway at UNCW
Snowy Footprints On The Dock by ©Aaron Alexander

Mailbox Peak - Sunset 1 Mailbox Peak
Mailbox Peak - Sunset 1 by ©laffertyryan

Dark Days Are Coming As a fisherman waits patiently for the fish to bite, Tarvurvur belches ash and pumice into the twilight.  If you would like to buy this print please email me for details.
Dark Days Are Coming by ©Taro Taylor

exclusion #2 You
exclusion #2 by ©Jes

version française

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