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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Europe and America are subject to intense snowing this winter. This can imply many problems, especially in countries which are not prepared nor equipped. But snow is so beautiful!

Snowflakes! We have snow here - the first that has settled this winter (spring?).  I was amazed that I could actually see individual snowflakes in this shot!
Snowflakes! by ©Rachel

Revelation by ©Johan Røed

Snowflakes Large is pretty much a must if I do say so myself. LOL <a href=";size=Large">
Snowflakes by ©Rain

Snowflake on my jacket
Snowflake on my jacket by ©Alexander Kavun

Stairway to ... Highland Park reservoir, Rochester, NY.  Blue bird day, fresh snow, little fluffy clouds, and zigzag shadows.  After finishing up some cross-country skiing, this was one of those &quot;stop the car, grab the camera&quot; scenes that I couldn
Stairway to ... by ©Mike

First snow Windy and Icy day in Feldberg, Germany
First snow by ©Mario Vercellotti

Cold Parisian pigeons in the snow Explored !!! Highest position: 399 on Monday, December 21, 2009  These day are cold and snowy as you can see it :-)  Enjoy the snow, feel Christmas coming...  100 views after a few hours only ? What
Cold Parisian pigeons in the snow by ©Pim Pim

Snow White Here in Quebec, there
Snow White by ©Jonathan Moisan

A Sledge and a Girl Pentax K-5 • 80 ISO • Sigma 8-16mm f:4.5-5.6 DC HSM  Bereldange • Luxembourg
A Sledge and a Girl by ©Frédéric Schneider

Forêt de la Robertsau
Forêt de la Robertsau by ©Nicolas K

Red Square, Moscow Going through some old film from trips in Europe and came across this. A lone, mysterious man with red square to himself in the dead of a russian winter.   I like the romanticism of the pic. If you have a decent res, best seen large.  *Shot on Ilford XP2 Super* sometime in November, 2002.
Red Square, Moscow by ©ManWithAToyCamera

The Mountain Exhaled A winter cloud sweeps over the Victoria Glacier at <a href="" rel="nofollow">Lake Louise</a> Park, Alberta, Canada
The Mountain Exhaled by ©LASZLO ILYES

Poinsetta Flakes Wow! More big flakes this morning. I should be out finishing up my Christmas shopping, but my legs are shakey from spending an hour squatting in the snow, flake hunting.
Poinsetta Flakes by ©Julie Falk

Otaru Snow Gleaming (Snow Lantern) Festival 2008 Otaru is a port town on the coast of the Sea of Japan in northern Shiribeshi subprefecture. At one time, a canal ran through the middle of the town, but now only a portion of it has been preserved. The southern portion of the city is characterized by the steep slopes of various mountains--notably Mount Tenguyama, a popular winter skiing location--and the altitude of the land sharply drops from the mountains to the seaside. (Wikipedia)  Otaru is also the location of the annual Otaru Snow Gleaming Festival, held in conjunction with the Sapporo Snow Festival.
Otaru Snow Gleaming (Snow Lantern) Festival 2008 by ©Christopher Chan

Stomped It More from the kicker we built up on Berthoud Pass CO. For this edit I tried goofing around with the
Stomped It by ©Zach Dischner

Tomaru Pass A mountainous pass somewhere between Sapporo and Niseko.  3xp HDR
Tomaru Pass by ©Christopher Chan

Ganbo sugli Sci
Ganbo sugli Sci by ©Stefano Girardi

All work and no play makes Timmy a dull photographer Science is destroying my life these days. I haven
All work and no play makes Timmy a dull photographer by ©Timothy Erickson

Frosty February / The Old Snowy Oak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <b>My new YOUTUBE account, with uploads of PHOTOGRAPHY picture slideshows, please check out videos and subscribe:</b> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Luke Andrew Scowen YouTube Channel</a> <b>Thanks!</b> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook Photography Fan Page: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Become a Fan here!</a> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  <b>15/10/09: Down to number 2 on interestingness out of popularity. Beaten by <a href="">Bluebell Forest</a> after a boost of views on that photo and this too!</b>  I took this on Thursday 05/02/09 during the week of very heavy snow in the UK. This is a very, very  old oak tree in a field where I walk my dog by my home. (photo editing): Border, colour autofix, sharpness, shadow effect.  Thanks everyone for the many comments I have on this photo! :P  <u>It
Frosty February / The Old Snowy Oak by ©Luke Andrew Scowen Photography (2009)

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