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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

17 Silhouette photos

I can't help thinking about the song Distant skies when hearing the word "Silhouette". Now I will have images on mind as well! ♪Silhouettes, in the sky♫...

Birth by ©Alonso Diaz

When the sun goes down by ©Jacobo Fraga

Yesterday is gone, Today is now, Tomorrow perhaps never comes ... by ©Rui Almeida

Enjoy The Silence by ©Jueno [ Ricey ]

Candlelight Sunrise by ©Lutz B.

CuiBap - Grow Up. [ Explored Frontpage #18 ] by ©Chisttin Ng

joyously. by ©Kevin van der Leek

Riding the Clouds by ©Todd Klassy

Requiem For Abandoned Souls [01] by ©Chris Dessaigne

Ninja portrait by ©Zach Dischner

Red Deer by ©Ryan Hasselbach

Daniell Playing in Silhouette (UNEDITED) by ©AnNamir

Air Guitar by ©Dylan Kitchener

252.365 - The Dunes by ©Universal Stopping Point

version française

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