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Thursday, January 20, 2011

365: Alucardo

With time, I realize that running this blog the way I do has a lot in common with the 365 photo projects I write about: it is about trying to make the best work every day, never giving up, and changing topics so that you and your audience don't get bored.

It is also about learning through experience, time, experiments. Alucardo has started his project to check if you do learn with a project like this. He does experiment and explore different kinds of photos, that's what I appreciate! I also enjoy the little words he adds to his photos.

Alucardo - 365

Winter Sun 053/365 [Explored] by ©Alucardo

Ice Cold Gangster 068/365 by ©Alucardo

To Neverland 071/365 (+2 in comments) [Explored] by ©Alucardo

Converses... and Keys 076/365 [Explored] by ©Alucardo

Sunlight 084/365 [Explored] by ©Alucardo

Sarah and Edward : Watching the Sunset on the Beach 087/365 by ©Alucardo

version française

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