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Thursday, January 13, 2011

365: Hien

Hien's 365 does not focus on a specific theme, even if she did take many flower pictures at the beginning.

I find that Hien gives a particular grain to her photos, which brings like a retro effect. I also like how subjects vary, it make me want to follow her project.

Hien - 365.

Day 27/365: It All Starts With A Little Imagination by ©Hien

Day 42/365: Better a Diamond with a Flaw than a Pebble without one by ©Hien

Day 93/365: Bitter Sweet Symphony by ©Hien

Day 115/365: Inception by ©Hien

Day 122/365: Soul Food by ©Hien

Day 133/365: Looking Back With No Regrets by ©Hien

Day 139/365: The Long Journey Home by ©Hien

version française

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