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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Help me improve: C3PO

I don't show a lot of my pictures on this blog, actually before this post I have published one (on bulb fiction). It's not that I am so shy, but I am not very proud of my photos.

With this article, I am requesting your help. Here are three photos below of my C3PO USB key, and I want your opinion. All photos have been taken with a Canon 500D and the 50mm f1.8 lens.

Can you tell me what's good and what's wrong with these photos, how can I improve, what would you change, how to turn them into great shots?

Please share your opinion in the comments, no matter your skill level, whatever you think!

version française


  1. Hi- I'm relatively new to photography and ran across your blog. Thought I'd give an opinion. I like the first picture, it's well exposed, the depth of field seems to be spot-on and it's pretty well composed.
    The second picture seems just a bit blurry to me, but I really like the third picture the best. The c3po is in focus, but it also has that little bit of bokeh to add interest. To me, it sort of looks like a space ship taking off that he's amazed at.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for sharing! I kind of agree with everything you said actually, but I have to tell the ship taking off idea was not on purpose! I used a candle to see how it would render. Next time I want to try to use the method explained in the "shape your bokeh article".
    I really appreciate your feedback!