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Sunday, January 2, 2011

National Geographic Photo Contest 2010 - Results

Remember November 24th? No? Come on! Ok, on November 24th I published a note about the 2010 National Geopgraphic Photo Contest. I then promised I would keep you posted when the results would be published, in early december. Well, better late than never!

Results are divided into three categories "Nature", "Places" and "People". In each category, a winner is proclaimed, several photos are highlighted with a "honorable mention", and one is selected as the viewers' choice.

More than 16 000 photos have been submitted, it must have been terrible to make choices! As for me, I have selected this astonishing photograph from Stephanie Swartz, "honorable mention" in the "Nature" category to illustrate this note. No doubt you will love it.

2010 National Geopgraphy Photo Contest - Results

Lion in the Shadows by Stephanie Swartz

version française

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