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Monday, January 10, 2011

Selling your photos: Stock photo sites

How would you like to make some extra money by selling your photos? You might be a good photographer but not ready to become a full time professional photographer. Still you can sell your photos.

If you have never sold a photograph in your life, here is where I would begin: (micro)stock photo sites. Don't get too excited about the money yet, these sites will not make you rich, but they could be a good start.
Stock sites are places where you can buy and sell photos. They can be really big agencies with worldwide famous photographers, but we will focus on microstock sites in this article. These sites sell photos of the daily life, ordered in many categories. Prices are low, starting usually at less than a dollar, but the libraries are huge, we are talking about millions of photos per site. It is not about selling the best photo at an undecent price, it is about selling good photos at very reasonable prices: it is rather about quantity. If you believe your photographs are worth much more, don't join these sites, you can try to apply for big agencies!

Let me share a few links describing best selling photos on microstock:

And finally, below is a short list of microstock sites, you can find much more of them but you can get started with this list:

You will find more links about microstock on

Example of photo sold on iStockphoto: A new cedar wood fence by Pixels away

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